This week has once again brought forth all the emotions which I have experienced over the past years as a Family History Writer and the Genealogist of the family. I feel that I have been the one who was chosen to tell the stories of my tribe. Every family has one.

This past week I published the story of “Deprivation and Abuse” meted out to a sister in the infamous Magdalene Laundries. These laundries operated worldwide, and those incarcerated were referred to as “Magdalenes” portraying the accepted image of the sinner and redeemed prostitute, Mary Magdalene; “their task of washing soiled linen a spiritual rebirth.” (Evelyn Glynn: Left Holding the Baby. Remembering the Magdalen Laundry: https://magdalene

This story has not been an easy one to tell, but the closure for a sister who is in her twilight years has been overwhelming. No more lies; no more silencing; only the truth.

Personally, I too, was overwhelmed with reviews like:

“Well done. A very powerful story.”

“Brilliantly written hard hitting truth”

“So proud of you”

Writing family history can be cruel, and it took me a while to pluck up enough courage to do this. The burden which has been lifted from the shoulders of this extraordinary and inspirational woman is immense. Noleen’s story is available through Amazon as a paperback book.

I trust that this is one more step closer to obtaining justice for the “Magdalenes”.


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