The work in progress, “Connor’s Diamonds” is developing very well. On Friday morning, I met with Michael and Angela Claxton and Russell Perry over coffee. My many thanks to Mike and Angela for their kind hospitality.

Mike and I have made steady progress on “Connor’s Diamonds” over the past couple of weeks. Mike has been remarkably busy writing the next chapter, whilst I have been researching, fleshing out the historical content of the story and doing some editing.

The morning’s conversation took many twists and turns. Of course, “co-authoring” was discussed at length. This project is going very well.

As authors there is so much to take into consideration and Russell Perry, Author of “The Returning Series” and Founder of the Australian Author’s Marketplace, could give excellent advice on digital marketing, advertising, web building, social media and book covers. He is so versed and knowledgeable in this area.

It was not all business, as each touched on their own style of authorship. Mike, of course, writes Crime; Russell, Speculative Fiction and I write Memoir. Further discussion on what is currently trending gave ideas for future writing, maybe even some travel. A remarkably interesting morning.

Well, somehow our thoughts gravitated to food. Hmm, curry sounded good on such a chilly morning. So, it seems our next gathering will be a curry day. Maybe a bottle of red!!!

Personally, I find the friendship of this small group so beneficial. For some twenty-odd years, I researched and wrote family history on my own. It was a lonely exercise. I then joined the Caboolture Writer’s Link, where I found a wonderful group of like-minded people. They were not only encouraging but helpful too in writers achieving their dreams.

I trust you will all keep reading my blogs as “Connor’s Diamonds” progresses. I guarantee it will be well worth the wait.


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